Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Weekend & Start the Week

Well, yes, Amelia was very ill on Saturday and Sheep spent a lot of time looking after her. As I had to go and feed Nanny's cats for her, I took Barnaby with me so that Sheep wasn't left with an ill Amelia and a Barnaby to look after as well. At Nanny's house, Barnaby found one of her doll's houses and started playing with it. He was having great fun, (so much so that I rang Sheep and warned him not to wait for us for lunch), when he suddenly looked at me, stricken, saying that he needed to poo urgently. I scooped him up and plonked him onto Nanny's loo, not at all sure if he would 'perform' on a strange toilet. Before he could think about it all to deeply, I took advantage of the red colour-scheme in Nanny's bathroom and started playing i-spy something coloured red with him, which kept him wonderfully distracted long enough to poo a most enormous poo (some people believe that their lives are ruled by the movements of the planets; my life seems to be ruled by the movements of my offspring's bowels...). Unfortunately, his pants were a little 'marked' (ok,I mean a 'skid-mark', do I need to explain more?) and I hadn't brought any spares with me. Aaarghhh! So, I went into my mother's room, found her underwear drawer and came back with the smallest pair of Nanny's pants I could find (and even then, not exactly small). They were black and lacy. Barnaby took one look at them and said that he didn't want to wear Nanny's pants. By this stage I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing, and managed, I think, to appear very matter-of-fact about it (whilst, internally, rolling around the floor in howls of laughter). I'd found some safety pins and had pinned the waist of them, but still the crotch came down halfway to his knees. It was the funniest thing I've seen for a long time. Poor boy.

We left shortly after that and since we needed some petrol anyway, as a treat I took Barnaby through a car-wash which he thought was wonderful. Who can not love a car wash?

However, Saturday night was utter vomit-fest with Amelia, as recorded earlier. On Sunday, therefore, I took Barnaby off again, this time to meeting. (To be honest, I would not have gone had it not been for the fact that the Children's Group were going to perform "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Away in a Manger" and if Barnaby had not attended the group would be almost non-existent.) Amelia, of course, was too ill to attend. Anyway, we all dressed in red, Barnbay and Michael wore santa hats and we brought in lots of percussion instruments (tambourine, triangle, bells, shakers etc.) and it all went very well. Barnaby even overcame his shyness to sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" with gusto. The rest of Sunday was pretty quiet, just us as home, doing some tidying up. (Barnaby really got into clothes folding).

Monday, I was in London for a student tutorial, then I had lunch with Caroline, which was delightful. She performed god-motherly duties by bringing presents for Barnaby and Amelia (I know not what they are, but will duly record this after they have been opened). It was just good to see her. On my way back from the restaurant in Soho to Euston I did a lightning-quick bit of Christmas shopping, as I suspect that it might be my last trip to London before the new year. Amelia was at home with Sheep all day as the nursery have a rule about diarrhea: you can not return until 48 hours after the last loose 'movement'. For her this was about nine o'clock on Saturday evening (exactly the same time she was copiously sick) and so she needed to be kept off nursery until Tuesday morning, this morning. This was fine, in principle, except that she suddenly had another loose bowel movement at 4:00am this morning. Grrrr. This effectively meant that she would not be able to return until Thursday (which isn't a nursery day, so Friday...).

So, today I looked after Amelia while Sheep went into UCL. She and I went to Nanny's for coffee in the morning followed by a hunt to locate her brand of organic formula, which had just run out and which I had bought on the Internet and only ever seen for sale in London.... (We were successful: I finally managed to buy some). If anyone is interested it is HIPP Organic, 6 month plus "follow-on milk".

Today was the nursery's Christmas lunch and I think Barnaby had a good time. They are having a party on Thursday when Father Christmas will be coming and we've got to provide a gift to the value of £5. When I collected him today, they all asked how Amelia was and I said fine. I actually think that her loose bowel movement of the early hours this morning was due to her current teething and not at all related to the diarrhea of the weekend and this is what I told them. They were inclined to agree with me and said that if she has no additional problems before the morning I can take her afterall. Aha - perhaps I can get a bit of work done tomorrow...


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