Thursday, December 07, 2006


Well, last night went OK. Amelia didn't wake at midnight - in fact, she didn't wake until 5:00 in the morning, at which point her and Barnaby were awake in relays which meant that we were effectively up from 5:00. Grrrrr. I'm off to bed now.

Today, my father (Aititi) was visiting, which was lovely. Barnaby was at nursery, so he got to see a bit of Amelia on her own. Then, we picked Barnaby up from nursery early, so he could see a bit of Aititi too. Actually, funny thing happened. Sheep had had a meeting at the OU and had come home with a nabaztag ( rabbit under his arm. While Barnaby was at home, before tea, Sheep started fiddling around with it and getting it to read out phrases. Shortly after Barnaby was introduced to it, the rabbit suddenly annouces that it thinks that Barnaby needs a poo and that he should go for one! Barnaby was surprised but obedient... and it worked! The result=big poo, no accident. So, clearly the solution to all potty training problems is a large, sentient, talking, plastic rabbit.

This afternoon, I made a feed up for Amelia and she drank the lot. A new experience for me! Also, this evening, I took over Barnaby's bed time routine, while Sheep gave Amelia a feed and this time she drank the 6 fl oz straight down and with little fuss settled down to sleep. (We've moved the cot away from the bed to the other side of the room - next step, her own room). I don't know whether to feel relieved that it's all going alright or devastated that she can so easily transfer to something else. I hate being so expendable. I am pleased, but also feel terribly rejected. And sad. It's horribly poignant.

Just think, I'll probably never breastfeed again. I'm just going to get old and die now.


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