Monday, December 11, 2006

Nativity Play Version 1

Well, when Barnaby first awoke this morning, he claimed to still be feeling unwell (after his spectacular vomiting across the kitchen floor during dinner yesterday). However, he then proceeded to eat a pretty good breakfast. I tucked him up on the sofa with some books and told him he had to stay there if he was ill, and took Amelia in to nursery on her own. By the time I returned he was up and about and was telling me he was better. So I relented and took him in. By the time I'd gone back and forth I just made it into London for a midday PhD supervision and then caught a 2:00 train back home. The nativity play was at 3:30 and, despite my worries, Barnaby was well enough to participate and so I got there in time. While I was waiting I had a good peer through the glass window in the connecting door to the baby room, and I could see Amelia being fed a bottle, so I decided not to disturb her...

And then the play. Well, I must say that Barnaby's shepherd costume was spectacular - definitely the best there - if I say so myself! So, I did him proud. However, that was where it ended. After they all came in and sat in front, Barnaby looked around at the audience for a while, obviously weighing up what was going on, and judging how many people were there and after a couple of minutes simply, calmly walked off. He headed straight over to me, climbed on to my lap and utterly refused to budge. He even refused to join in the songs from his position in the audience; he just sat there glumly, observing everything intensely, but adamant that he wasn't going to participate in any way, shape or form. So much for my costume, eh? The only thing he did was try to take some photographs of the proceedings with the camera I had. The next and final show is Wednesday; let's hope he'll deign to join in then, as Daddy and Nanny will be there too.

It's such a pity. Both Sheep and I were a little shy as children. I don't think I was as shy as this (I must ask my mother) but Sheep reckons that he was perhaps this shy (I will try and remember to ask his mother at Christmas).

Amelia slept all the way through the play and I just picked her up as usual afterwards. She was very tired this evening, though. Sheep had no problems getting her off to sleep tonight. My breasts are still painful, although it is easing off and I am still feeling a bit emotional about it all.

Sheep and I both have to be away tomorrow - so my mother is going to be 'on call' in case nursery phone.


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