Sunday, December 03, 2006

Feeling Better

Well, the antibiotics are really starting to take effect. As from Saturday, I've begun to feel much better, which is as well, as Sheep had to go into London and so I was left with both Barnaby and Amelia. We met up with my mother, Nanny, in Stony Stratford, which had it's Christmas Fair in full swing. We actually had a lovely morning; Barnaby had a ride on a merry-go-round and there was a display of model railways in the chuch, which kept him absorbed for a good half hour (he's been talking about those ever since, he clearly really enjoyed them!). Amelia was perfectly content to be pushed around, looking at all the lights etc.

In the afternoon, Barnaby had been invited to one of his nursery friend's fourth birthday party - it was a fireman's party and I had a costume all ready for him. He did eventually have fun, but Barnaby is quite shy. Many of the other kids just dive in and have fun, Barnaby takes a while to 'warm up' and is quite guarded and reticent to begin with. He kept wanting me with him, to sit on me, to clutch my leg... Eventually, he thawed, and by the end, when they did the hokey-kokey, he was really enjoying himself, by which time it was time to go home. Poor Barnaby!

Today, after meeting, we went to an Indian restuarant for lunch (the same place we took my mother on Mother's Day, as it happens). We hadn't meant to feed Amelia naan bread, but she had ideas of her own and grabbed some. We didn't think a small bit would hurt, so we let her eat it. But, she liked it so much (and it was good fresh bread) that we kept letting her eat some and hadn't really monitored how much she had eaten until she was sick! Anyway, I think it can safely be said that she likes naan bread.

Well - I'm off to take my last tablet and then to bed. I'm into London tomorrow and I have a pretty full day.

Oh, final post-script. This weekend, Amelia has been making the sign for milk regularly - she had really 'got' this whole signing business! She's also been obviously really pleased with herself whenever she makes it...


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