Wednesday, December 06, 2006

D-Day! (Or B-Day?)

Well, after an awful night last night (I think Amelia was teething and so she wanted to nurse all night...), we decided that today was the day I would start weaning her. Consequently, instead of me taking her to bed this evening, reading to her and then settling down to nurse her, after her bath, Sheep took over and tried to give her a bottle. Tried: she didn't drink much, but she did go off to sleep without too much fuss. We are expecting her to wake soon, hungry and so we have a thermos flask ready with some water and a feed ready to go. Of course, we're not too sure about all of this, and it partly feels like making it up as we go along...

Still, have I given her her last breast feed? What a thought - I'm tearful just typing this. On the other hand, I am struggling to continue, with her at nursery and me working and particulary with nights like last night.

Still, her last feed?

Well - let's see how the night goes.

Barnaby came home from nursery yesterday with his first 'swimming' badge! Should I be sewing it on to somewhere? There's a thought...


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