Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Lunch

Today was the course's Christmas lunch, and so I had to bring Amelia in with me. Actually, I think she was quite a hit with everyone. After we dropped Barnaby off to nursery, Sheep and I rushed in. He had a meeting scheduled with some other students, whilst I held a couple of PhD supervisions; Sheep looked after Amelia. Then, it was lunch, and she joined me again. As I said, I think her presence was greatly appreciated and she certainly helped create a festive mood.

I didn't appreciate the journey home though. I went to Euston early, so that I could change her nappy. When I got to the toilets, I discovered that they were "pay-per-pee" and that there was no way that I was going to squeeze Amelia's pushchair through their narrow turnstiles. I did notice that there was a gate, which was, however, permanently closed, lashed shut with bindings made from plastic bags... hmmm. I then sought out the disabled toilet, only to discover that that was RADAR access key only. I then saw a sign, saying that there was a help button, but it took me three minutes to discover the location of the help button as it was nowhere near the sign. Then I had to wait for 5 minutes before anyone came to answer the button and let me in past the barriers. At this point I was within sight of the baby change room, except, of course, that it was occupied. After waiting another three minutes, I gave up, as I'd have missed my train. Oh well, I thought that I could always change her on the train. However, this intention was also thwarted, as the toilet was out of order, and although I didn't need the toilet, only the changing table, the door was locked and the nearest other toilet two carriages away. I'd not been able to change Amelia in the restuarant as they had no changing facilites either. Harrumph! Poor Amelia had to sit in a damp nappy all the way home. I was irritated.

However, when we arrived at Milton Keynes Central railway station, I must say that one bright event was that Amelia and I became the first two passengers to use the new lift from platform 5. They've been installing them, and today one of the lifts was opened. And we christening it - just her and I. I don't think that Amelia was particularly impressed by it though.

Tonight I'm tired. I'm glad I'm on the antibiotics again though. My breasts are feeling a bit better. I might even be able to sleep on my side tonight - the last two nights I've only been able to sleep on my back because of the pain.


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