Friday, November 10, 2006


It was the parent evening at nursery yesterday for Barnaby. On the whole he's doing wonderfully. The comment that stood out most though, was that they said what a nice and affectionate boy he is, always ready with a laugh and a cuddle. If he can maintain that, he'll do well in life. Apart from that they are very impressed with his maths and computing (well, as his father is about to become a Lecturer in the department of maths and computing that's perhaps no surprise!) and his reading/writing ability. I was ticked off, though, for teaching him upper case letters when I should only be using lower case ones. I stand corrected. However, he's basically doing great.

While I was at the parent's evening Sheep was left trying to feed Amelia and he was convinced that she was making the sign for Mummy (in Makaton it's three fingers tapped onto the palm of one hand, twice), however, I am not convinced that she wasn't clapping as she is really into clapping at the moment. Sheep maintains otherwise. In turn, I am sure that she said "Daddy"' this morning on seeing Sheep.

The other thing that happened yesterday, that I forgot to mention (as I was working all evening rather than blogging), was that while I was on my way to my mother's house to feed her cats for her (while she is away at work) Amelia fell asleep in the car. As I didn't want to wake her by moving her or leave her in the car I was imagining that I would be reduced to sitting outside my mother's (Nanny's) house for a while, waiting for her to wake up. On an impulse, on the way through Castlethorpe, which is the next village to Hanslope where my mother now lives, I stopped off to see if the midwife, Valerie, who delivered Amelia, was at home. She was and we chatted for about ten minutes, catching up, and she had a peek at the sleeping Amelia. I must return sometime when Amelia is awake! Anyway, it was lovely to see Valerie and catch up.

Today I was in London and Sheep took Barnaby and Amelia to nursery in the bicycle trailer (but used in double pram mode as we haven't bought her a cycle helmet yet). He says that they seem to rather like the trailer/double-pram as Barnaby puts his arm around her and they giggle together all the way to nursery. She had a great day today, sleeping really well and eating an unfeasibly large amount of food. I've no idea where she puts it all. I picked her up and brought her home in the car and I must say, I think her new car seat that I installed yesterday is a vast improvement on her old one.

Finally, in a previous blog I mentioned the possibility of a sweepstake for when she is likely to be walking. I promptly received an email from Leif (Barnaby's former nanny) with his suggestion and Sharon, Amelia's keyworker at nursery, has also given her suggestion, so here are the dates so far:

Leif: 23rd December
Sharon: 1st December
Me: 2nd January (my birthday, only because it would be a lovely birthday present for me)
Sheep: 15 December

Any other suggestions? The winner will be the person whose date is closest to the actual date and should we define walking? How about three 'unaided' steps? I suppose if it were a real sweepstake we'd all put some money into a kitty and the winner would receive it all, but instead of that I think I will offer a prize (since we are all geographically dispersed a classic sweepstake is logistically too complicated). I will confer with Sheep and decide on the prize tomorrow.


At 9:35 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

As nobody bagged Amelia┬┤s birthday in the walking sweepstakes, put my name down for that day, January, 18, 2007.


At 11:29 pm, Blogger sheep said...

And your birthday, of course!


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