Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Quiet House

When I'm at home, on my own, without Amelia, I do miss her. While making a cup of tea just now, I caught myself singing one of 'her songs':

Oh my Milla, Oh my Milla,
Oh my Milly-milly-moo.
You're my lovely, my one and only,
Oh my Milly-milly-moo.
I do love you, yes I love you,
Oh my Milly-milly-moo.
'Cause you're a sweetheart, yes my sweetheart,
You're my Milly-milly-moo.

Except she's not here.


At 1:54 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

'twould be nice to know the actual melody, or do you make up your own?

yer ol man

At 10:32 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

This one has a melody that I made up, so I can't describe it to you. I'll have to hum/sing it to you when you are here!


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