Thursday, November 30, 2006

Getting better

Well, yet again, we're all a bit ill (well, Amelia and I anyway). On Saturday and Sunday I dragged myself through the motions of a normal weekend. Saturday we took my mother, Nanny, to Olney, which was rather nice (my first visit) even though the weather was appalling. On Sunday it was meeting and then home. However, on Sunday afternoon we walked to Borders and I was struggling to walk. I was feeling really dreadful. Consequently, I gave up on Monday and took to bed. On Sunday evening, I developed mastitis - ouch! There is not much you can do, other than frequently nurse, apply hot/cold compresses and massage the breast. This continued all through Monday and I just stayed in bed. On Tuesday I took myself off to see the doctor. In particular, I was worried about the persistent headaches (I'd had a throbbing headache for about a week now) and my shortness of breath. He informed me that I was running a raging temperature and that my glands were up and hadn't I noticed? In short, he diagnosed a severe chest infection (I had been coughing) and prescribed antibiotics. I spent Tuesday in bed as well, and part of Wednesday too. Amelia did an 'emergency' day at nursery on Wednesday to allow me a chance to rest some more. The antibiotics have cleared up the mastitis as well. (Next week I plan to stop breastfeeding!).

Today I took Amelia to the doctor too, as she has had this perstistent cough for about two weeks and I was worried that I'd been making as light of her ailments as I had of my own. But, luckily it was not to be... she's alright. Her chest sounds fine and so they didn't want to prescribe her any antibiotics, which suited me. They are happy for nature to take its course with her cough.

And so we are all recovering too. I suspect that I will not go to London tomorrow.

Amelia is now making the sign for 'milk' and 'daddy' and they say at nursery that she's made the sign for 'thank you'. Also her two back molars are coming through and she's very disgruntled about that.

Barnaby is in fine fettle.


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