Thursday, November 23, 2006

Diarrhoea Boom Boom

At my primary school we sang a revolting skipping song,

Diarrhoea boom boom,
Diarrhoea boom boom.
Some people think it's funny,
But it's really rather runny!
Diarrhoea boom boom.

Well, what a week. Again! It started on Sunday when Barnaby had a bit of a poo-fest (twice in meeting, once over lunch at a new restaurant, with friends...). However, we'd not identified it as diarrhoea at that stage. Just big, messy poos. Monday, for almost the first time ever, Sheep and I were in London simultaneously. He was there for the morning, me for the afternoon and we overlapped over lunch (and had lunch together). My phone rang and Sheep joked it was nursery. Yep. Barnaby had had two really loose 'stools' and if he was one more, could we go and get him. Sheep raced back to London, but didn't need to collect him from nursery, and he seemed alright at the end of the day.

However, Tuesday was a completely different matter. I took him and Amelia into nursery and, completely unknown to me, he pooed getting out of the car. (In fact I wondered what the 'melted chocolate icecream' on the pavement was, as I walked back to my car!). No sooner had I got home than I had to go and get him! He seemed alright in himself though, full of beans, in fact. My mother came over on Tuesday and helped look after him.

Yesterday, Sheep stayed at home as we had both of them at home. (Nursery have a policy that after diarrhoea you have to stay off for 48 hours!), so, amongst other things we took him to see Father Christmas in the Centre. Today Sheep took him off pottery-painting while I went to the dentist with Amelia and then I looked after them both while Sheep worked.

Barnaby seems fine and I'll take him to nursery tomorrow. But, I've lost a full day's work. Now Barnaby is complaining that his ear is hurting and I suspect he's got an ear infection coming on. I've fogotten what it feels like to be well. I'm having trouble breathing (I'm asthmatic, but usually only mildly so). Both Amelia and I still have a wracking cough and Sheep is plain exhausted. Amelia's snot situation is getting better though; at the beginning of the week I was fantasizing about mini-windscreen wipers above her top lip.

The only good news over the last few days is that I've found a food that Amelia likes! Sweet potato with red Leicester cheese. She has eaten so well over the last two days. However, I wish we wernt all so grotty.

Two more entries on the Amelia walking sweepstake

Gemma (nursery) 1st January
Jackie (nursery) 22 December

I must make a new list with them all on.


At 1:50 pm, Anonymous Jenni said...

Glad to hear from you on t'internet - even if the days sound a bit grim with one thing and another! Things have been busy here but less, er, poo-oriented - not surprising, but good.


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