Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Amelia's Great Nursery Day

Amelia had a wonderful day today, she had 6 fl oz of milk in the morning and then another 6 fl oz in the afternoon. What a wonderful, clever girl eh? Apart from that, she's not had a good 24 hours, I think that she's teething at the moment. Last night she woke up and just started screaming for about two hours, she was completely inconsolable. We tried to give her some Calpol, but she was so distressed, as well as coughing, that she immediately vomitted it back up. What joy! I am sure that she's teething as she's had a couple of bright red spots on her cheeks all day. However, so far so good tonight; she's been as calm and quiet as a mouse all evening.

Barnaby, however, is another matter; he's had a disturbed night this evening. Let's hope that tonight is a little better than last night.


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