Friday, October 27, 2006

What a Week!

In bullet points:

* Internet connection on a 'go slow' or even direct outage all week, hence no blogging. Grrrr and double-grrrrr.
* Tuesday, Amelia reportedly 'cruising' (walking around holding onto furniture) around nursery.
* Wednesday, Amelia gets yet another tooth (number 7: bottom left of centre) - is there no stopping this girl?
* Wednesday, Sheep ill for two days; mysterious bug. He sleeps all day and still feels exhausted.
* Thursday, day at home with Amelia; she starts 'walking' with the baby walker I bought her from the NCT sale. Has no one told her she is only 9 months old?
* I get broody as I feel Amelia is growing up too fast. Where's my baby gone?
* Barnaby's poos are lessening somewhat, but he has a bizarre episode at nursery where he says he's afraid of sitting on the toilet as aliens lurking in the bowl jump up to bite your poo as you are pooing. The nursery staff tell him that the best way to deal with toilet-bowl aliens is to wee or poo on their heads as they don't like it and it sends them back to "Planet La La".
* Barnaby starting to do simple sums on his calculator. What is he going to do when he starts school?
* Sheep interview at OU today (good, we think), my mother moves into her new house (so far, so good) and we get a rock thrown through our window at about 9:30 this evening. If the blinds had not been down, it would have scored a direct hit on Sheep's head which was in the line of fire and about a foot from the window. The police ask if we have any enemies and the only thing that Sheep thinks is the person jailed for burglaring our house in June has been released and is expressing his indignation at our part in his arrest. Or it was a random drunk. Who knows? All I do know is that there was glass everywhere and I've only just finished tidying/cleaning/picking up glass in the living room and it's 12:30. Sheep is sleepin/mounting guard in the living room tonight, we'll call a glazier in the morning. I am only upset at the amount of glass that was everywhere and paranoid about Amelia.


At 6:52 am, Anonymous Dad said...

Good news this week on the BArnaby/Amelia front. Yes, they are growing up fast! However, keep up the good work, it has it's compensations (and heartaches) when they are grown up.

Also good news on the Sheep front, will keep my finger crossed!

I was alarmed to read about the stone throwing incident, one sort of doesn't associate Milton Keynes with that sort of problem. I think that Sheep could be correct, and hope that it could be a One Off act of revenge. --cleaning up all the glass in the middle of the night before Amelia has an accident also not very good for your ego.

Hope to see y'all soon.

At 9:20 am, Anonymous Jenni said...

Shocking! How horrible and disruptive to have the rock thing happen. I hope it is a one-off as you say.

Internet better now, then?

At 4:13 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

The internet is mysteriously better. Having spent five days calling BT and getting them to test the line (it's OK) and using "test my internet connection speed" websites (it's so fast it's off the scale! Yeah, right! I don't think so...). And, then for no apparent reason at all (and through no efforts of anyone in particular) it started working again. Puzzling.


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