Monday, October 30, 2006

Poor Me

I was at work in London today, Barnaby and Amelia at nursey, when I began to feel unwell (rushing to the toilet and almost not making it type unwell!). I decided I'd better cut short my day and return home while I could still make it, pausing only en route to the station for imodium - for fear of embarassing myself on the train home. Since being home, I've been tucked up in bed with Amelia all evening (with frequent trips to the loo), feeling really rotten.

Amelia's day was spent cruising round the nursery again, following another baby, "Alex". I am beginning to think that she could be walking by the end of the year!

And, tentatively, looks like Sheep might be being offered the OU job (subject to references). Not too sure at which point we can celebrate?

Anyway - still feeling awful, so I'm off to sleep.


At 7:43 am, Anonymous yer 'ol man said...

Groo, groo, groo. I hope you are better today.


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