Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not Much of a Fun Day for Amelia

Poor Amelia - today's been a bit of a drag for her. I'm teaching a workshop tomorrow, for which I have a teaching assistant. However, my TA has disappeared for the weekend and should have left some important files somewhere where they were accessible. The consequence was that I had to 're-do' a lot of work this morning. So there I was tapping away on my computer, with Amelia desperately trying to get my attention. (Which she is pretty good at, I must say), but I kept on working, after pausing for the odd cuddle. The afternoon wasn't much better, as I took her grocery shopping. However, she is so good-natured, I am so lucky.

She's also started crawling a lot more. If I leave her in one room, to go into the kitchen, for example, she'll follow me, and before I know it she's half way into the kitchen! She manages her way over/round obstacles pretty well too. I get the feeling that she'll be quite adventuresome when she's older. The days of leaving her in one location and having her be there on my return are long gone.

Barnaby had a fun day at nursery today. They're studying (if 'studying' is the right word) foods from other cultures at the moment and all of the pre-school room were taken off to a chinese restaurant for lunch today, to sample chinese food. Of course, Barnaby is pretty 'au fait' with restaurants and Chinese-style food as we eat at Wagamamas regularly, and it seems like he had a good time.

Barnaby's fixation at the moment is a calculator that Sheep found when he was going through boxes of books. He is fascinated with it - the way he can press a number-button and it appears on the little screen. He is memorised by the act of making strings of 1s or 8s. So much so he's started to take it to bed with him. (Ok- this might also be down to the fact that when he was having a nightmare about aliens in the loft on Tuesday night, Sheep told him that the calculator would protect him against not only aliens but monsters and daddy-long-legs (his trio of terrors)).


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