Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lack of Blogging

Well, I've not really blogged for a week - frankly I'm feeling the strain of trying to work and mother and everything... This last week has been horrendous. First, last night was the first night since my posting last week, that Amelia didn't vomit! (The doctor suggested that perhaps catarrh has been draining into her stomach, while she is lying down and that's what's upsetting her stomach. Who knows?). Saturday night was awful as Barnaby started vomitting as well, so both of them were vomitting in unison. (As Sheep says, synchronised vomitting will be the next Olympic sport!). Friday and Monday are my UCL days at the moment. On Thursday night I had only about 3 hours sleep because of Amelia vomitting and then had to be in UCL to deliver my first lecture. How I managed it, I don't know, but lots of strong coffee contributed. On Saturday we drove to London, en famille, to collect boxes of books from my office (my colleague has run out of patience with having her office look like a storage depot for Sheep's books!). Saturday was actually quite nice as we had a bit of a mooch through Islington and met up with our friends. Little did we know that the night of the mass-vomit lay ahead.

Sunday we skipped meeting, again, as we were unsure about whether Amelia's condition was just catarrh or not - but given Barnaby joining in, we thought that we'd better not risk passing it on!). Then to Monday, another UCL day and another lecture - this time I had a little more sleep (although Amelia did still have a vomit-fest again on Sunday night) but in my rush to get Barnaby and Amelia to nursery on time I missed my own breakfast and once I'd arrived at UCL I had so much work to do that I missed lunch as well (and still managed to deliver a two hour lecture having not eaten since Sunday!). No wonder I've not blogged. And as for the laundry - what with washing a set of bedclothes every night, it's all backing up. Frankly, I am not coping at all.

Amelia news - at nursery on Friday she actually drank 4 fl oz of milk, at last, hallelujah! Today she had 4.5 fl oz. She is really settling in. Lovely girl. There's a woman there called Jackie (about my mother's age) whom Amelia has taken a real shine to and loves to cuddle. She is also appearing to like the company of the other babies. Today, when I dropped her off, she was happy to be there and didn't blink an eye when I left. Although, on the bad news front, she sustained an injury at nursery today. Her finger became trapped in the gate (to the baby room) when a member of staff came through. It's red and sore. They applied a cold compress to it and gave her lots of cuddles. I suppose these things happen from time to time. It didn't seem to affect how she felt about being there though.


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