Sunday, October 15, 2006

Label Counting

Well, bizarrely, it's actually been quite a relaxing day today.

Although last night was a bit awful. I usually give Amelia a bit of a breastfeed at about midnight. I know that I should probably have stopped this habit by now (the advice with bottle-ed babies is to substitute the night feed for water, until they realise that it's not worth waking up for!), but she tends to nurse at about midnight, which is usually when I go to bed, so it's not exactly an inconvenience for me and that is why the habit has persisted. However, this last week has seen Amelia waking repeatedly, demanding to be fed and then falling asleep on the breast and reawakening as soon as I move myself away. It came to a head on Friday night, when, essentially, I had no sleep at all. Last night looked like it was going the same way, so Sheep banished me from the bedroom. (I was at my wits' end, having had next to no sleep since Thursday night at this point!) So, I kipped in the spare room (a.k.a. Amelia's room) for about three hours (approx. 2-5 am), so at least I got some sleep - bliss. She woke three times in during these three hours, and Sheep coaxed her back to sleep, without a breastfeed, obviously! However, this development clearly needs some attention. I suspect that her suddent re-interest in night-feeding has developed since her recent vomit-fest, which makes sense because if you've just emptied your stomach a few hours earlier, you might well feel both hungry and in need of some physical comfort. However, especially since I am working again, I can't really accommodate too many sleepless nights like Friday/Saturday night.

We made it to meeting, which was great! Our first time in three weeks (the last two Sundays we couldn't go because of the above-mentioned vomiting). Everything seems broadly set for their naming ceremony or "meeting for worship to bear witness to the committment to Barnaby and Amelia by their supporting friends...". Then we had lunch at Wagamamas (with our friends from meeting/NCT/nursery etc.). Afterwards, I had volunteered to help add up labels for the NCT as part of my contribution to yesterday's sale. My original plan had been to leave Sheep and Barnaby at Wagamamas and take Amelia with me in the car; Amelia was then to fall asleep in the car and sleep throughout most of my label-adding etc. etc. The best laid plans, eh? Barnaby simply refused to let me go; he just became really clingy (his-arms-wrapped-round-my-legs-style clingy). So the outcome was that we all turned up for label-adding! For a while, Barnaby sat next to me, calculator in hand, and pretended to add up tickets himself (how wonderful!). However, this wasn't really working too well though (in that it was unsustainable over a long period of time). And Amelia hadn't slept, as per my original plan. Then another friend of mine turned up to count labels, who has a daughter in Barnaby's nursery class and a baby Amelia's age. So Barnaby started to run round and play with this other little girl (and they played really nicely all afternoon) while Sheep put Amelia in her pram and joined my friend's husband (whom he knows too) for a walk round the park (which eventually turned into coffee at a coffee shop. And Amelia got to have her nap in the pram afterall. So, although I spent from 1:30-5:15 adding up labels on a calculator whilst watching Barnaby out of the corner of my eye, it was actually a remarkably peaceful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

And after all his running around with Catherine, Barnaby was asleep by 6:30!


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