Friday, October 13, 2006

I Think We're All Settling in to a Routine

Today wasn't too bad. First of all, Barnaby slept in, which meant that Sheep and I could get up, ablute and get Amelia dressed first, rather than being rudely awoken by an energetic toddler leaping into our midst. It's amazing what a different perspective such a start gives to your day! So, all in all, the morning was pretty calm (apart from Barnaby almost going into meltdown because I'd set the breakfast table the night before, which meant that he couldn't do it... and there was I thinking that I was being efficient). Sheep took Amelia into nursery, she was in the pram, Barnaby on his scooter, and they both seemed to have had a good day. Amongst Amelia's activities today were looking at books, playing with Megablox, singing and playing with electronic toys that go 'beep'. Interestingly, we have toys that go 'beep' which we've not replaced the batteries in since Barnaby was playing with them. Perhaps we should get around to resurrecting them for her.

They are also going to start baby signing in the baby room at nursery. They've all been on 'Baby Talk' courses and I was given a form this evening to fill in indicating whether we want to attend an evening parents' session and/or buy a pack/video/dvd... Of course, we did baby signing with Barnaby - with him we used Makaton (which is very like BSL) and he got on like a house on fire with it. So we're quite happy for her to start with nursery, it's a very good time for her as well, with her first birthday on the horizon (well, she's almost nine months old).

Sheep's telling me to stop blogging and come to bed. So, I'd better go!


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