Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Helping" Nanny (Not!)

Today Amelia, Barnaby and I went over to Nanny's new house in order to help out, while Sheep waited for the glazier to get the window repaired. Help is perhaps not the right word, although Barnaby started off trying to be helpful, but got carried away and started trying to put anything not nailed down into the cupboard under the stairs...

Amelia had a less than good day: managed to knock herself out with a stray solid brass watering can (which she managed to pull onto herself). I was struggling to fold up her pram outside Nanny's house, and rushed in to find her spreadeagled on the floor with aforementioned brass watering can by her head and a rapidly growing lump on her temple. I can only surmise that she'd been trying to pull herself into a standing position and made an unwise selection of support. In my defense, I had asked Barnaby to watch her, and thought that Nanny was to hand. She wasn't.

In the meantime - the window was repaired - must go, Amelia awake - wants a feed. It's midnight.


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