Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Day with Amelia and Conversation about Love

So, today was a Ruth and Amelia day. It was nice to be with her: lots of smiles and cuddles. In the morning, she slept in my arms for a bit (at about 9:00; she's starting to drop her morning nap, but sometimes gets a bit sleepy...), we played with some toys together, I tried to cook her lunch (she wasn't terribly impressed with my mixed vegetables and pasta!). After her lunch, at midday, I took her in the car to Ikea. Her first trip! She slept for a fair amount of the visit, but we also managed to fit in a nappy change and a feed. Then it was home to drop off our acquisitions and off again to the NCT coffee group, which was really nice as almost all the babies there today were about Amelia's age and so they're all starting to crawl around now and interact with each other in a really nice way.

I left Amelia with Sheep when I went to collect Barnaby from nursery. As I arrived he'd just had an accident in the playground having hit his forehead with quite an impact (we were watching him for signs of concussion over tea) causing a huge lump to appear. On the way home, he was obviously feeling a bit sorry for himself and asked me if I loved him. Naturally I reassured him in no uncertain terms that I did. He said that Maureen (one of the nursery assistants) said that she loved him but sometimes she didn't if he was naughty. I reassured him that there was nothing he could do that would stop me from loving him. He obviously thought about this a lot on the way home and asked who else I loved. I said that I loved Daddy and Amelia (I would have got on to more, but he stopped me there with more questions). Then, after some more questions and obvious reflection, he asked me if I loved myself. What an interesting question! I asked him if he loved himself and he said no without any hesitation.

Then over tea, Barnaby was talking about his current best friend at nursery, a boy called John. He said that he loved John and I remarked that that was nice. He then stated, musingly, that John didn't love him. Neither Sheep nor I commented on this and then he said, almost to himself, "And so I must shoot him!". It doesn't sound funny written down (in fact it sounds worrying psychotic, I know) but the tone of voice in which he said it, just sounded so hilarious, it was all Sheep and I could do not to burst out laughing. Incidentally, I'm not sure that Barnaby even knows what 'shooting' is, as it is not a word or concept that we've ever introduced him to.


At 4:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad that you nanaged to have a pleasant day with Amelia.

Also Barnaby sounds very mature, an I didn't think it at all psychotic that he said that he would shoot his friend. I am sure all boys say it a lot, and I don't think that when they say it they actually envisage harming someone.

Lotsluv, Yer ol man

At 11:04 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

I think you are completely right! I just didn't want his comment to be taken the wrong way! And yes, I do think that Barnaby can be remarkably mature at times. He is going through a lovely and really interesting stage at the moment.


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