Friday, October 20, 2006

Countdown to Naming Ceremony

Well, it's this weekend and people have starting arriving. Sheep's parents arrived this evening and are staying in a hotel near by. My mother is arriving in the morning. Unfortunately we're two down on the godparent front. John Peponis has been unable to route his ticket from Greece to the USA via Milton Keynes and Sheep's friend, Jon Branch, is unfortunately away. However, we will have four of the six godparents (or supporting adults) present. Tomorrow we also have Jenni to stay so it should be quite a house full.

I'm afraid Sheep and I have not been able to give the naming ceremony much thought yet, as we had a paper deadline tonight (yes, we got it submitted, but only by the skin of our teeth) for a conference in Baton Rouge and I had a hectic day teaching at UCL today.

Amelia had a good day at nursery again, everyone remarks on what a smiley girl she is and how good natured she is. She drank 5 1/2 fl oz of milk this afternoon as well.

On the topic of milk, I am beginning to consider weaning her off breast milk. I feel guilty about even thinking about this, as I didn't start to wean Barnaby until after his first birthday and Amelia is only 9 months old. But, I am finding it hard being back at work and still breastfeeding. And the nights are currently hard too; sInce her recent vomit-fest she is waking a lot at night and that makes it very difficult for me. If she is starting to accept a bottle, perhaps that is the way forward. However, I also want to be fair and treat her as I did Barnaby.


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