Thursday, October 19, 2006

Caravans and Sign Language

This will be a very quick post. Today Sheep and I took Amelia to the National Exhbition Centre at Birmingham to see the "International Caravan & Motorhome 2006 Exhibition". Doesn't that sound geeky? I have been fantasizing, for a while now, about getting a caravan (or similar) in order to take future family holidays. The problem is that neither Sheep nor I come from familys that took holidays. We just didn't! So, it's hard for us to think about family holidays as we have no frame of reference. Anyway, we had a fun time today... we took Amelia on the train to Birmingham and explored lots of caravans. Actually we were most taken by trailer 'campers' (not quite tent, not quite caravan!) and in particular the "Conway Countryman" 4 berth camper by the Pennine Group. So who knows, may next year? Anyway, I think we all had a fun time - Amelia included.

Then this evening, I attended a parents' infomation evening at the nursery. They are starting to do sign language there ("Tiny Talk") and I really went along to see how similar it was to the Makaton sign language that we did with Barnaby. It's about 80% similar from what I can gauge (well, they are both based on BSL). So, it looks like we'll all be starting to sign with Amelia very soon.

On the subject of caravans and communication, before dinner, Barnaby was sitting at the dinner table drawing a caravan (we'd brought him back a picture to draw on) and he asked me how to write caravan underneath his drawing. Because I was sitting on the opposite side of the table and so couldn't show him, I simply told him the letter name and its phonetic sound in trhe correct sequence and - he wrote down the word caravan! Just like that! I was completely astonished. I know he can just about write "Barnaby", but to just write "caravan" as if it were something he did every day of the week! (Admittedly, he got one of his As upside down - but no big deal). I am so, so proud of him - he is so smart.


At 12:59 pm, Anonymous Ol Man said...

Liked the Caravan idea! If I could only talk Begona into it I would buy a self drive (cara)van!

Also liked the idea of communicating soon with Amelia via signing.- great stuff.

lastly, I am sure that I wasn't writing from being dictated to until a few years on Barnaby. It just shows what Parental Guidance/Teaching can do, especially if you make it all FUN and not work! Anyway, Fantastic Barnaby!


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