Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Amelia's Nursery Days

Well, Amelia seems to have had a good couple of days at nursery. Today she not only slept well but also drank a whopping 6 fl oz of milk this afternoon. I can't begin to describe how happy that makes me. She really seems to have settled down. However, I am looking forward to her and I spending the day together tomorrow; I feel a bit 'out of touch' with her having spent two days at nursery in a row. How will I feel when she's there five days? I am truly glad she's settling, but I'm feeling a little deprived of her company.

Last night was the night of bizarre dreams. First Barnaby had a nightmare; he told Sheep that he'd dreamt that he had rescued Sheep (or all of us, I am not sure) from a burning building (shades of firefighters meets Spiderman?). So Sheep brought him into our bed, at which point he fell instantly fast asleep, so spreadeagled that Sheep didn't even bother trying to get back into bed, but went to sleep next door (so one of us had a good night last night). Sometime shortly after this point I started to have a really disturbing dream. I was lying, in reality, with Amelia to my right and Barnaby to my left and in my dream we were lying together in exactly the same way, but we were all on a raft floating on pitch black, cold water. It was perhaps a moat or something as there was an old, smooth stone wall rising straight upwards from the water immediately to one side of us. Just below the surface of the water I could see or sense an abundance of water weed and I was afraid of entanglement. And so I lay there, in my dream, terrified to move in case I rocked the raft and either Barnaby or Amelia were sent tumbling into the cold, murky depths.

Clearly an anxiety dream. Do parents ever stop being anxious about their children?


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