Monday, September 04, 2006

Start of Amelia's First Week at Nursery

It is 9:30 on Monday morning and I'm just back from having dropped off both Barnaby and Amelia at nursery. (As well as Amelia's new nipple-like bottle!) When we first went in, she immediately had a cuddle with one of the older ladies in the baby room (Jackie, who is about my mother's age, I think). She was so busy looking around at everything, I thought that I might as well just slope off (better for Amelia, worse for me). I'll call again at lunch time.

Contrary to my plans to go into UCL today, I've decided to work from home again. I have a paper deadline looming. A paper that I was hoping to have finished on Friday, so I'll be working on that instead.

Last night was strange. Barnaby suddenly started screaming - really screaming - for Sheep. It was such a terrifying sound that both Sheep and I ran through to him. He'd had a nightmare about aliens (always aliens not monsters for Barnaby) sitting on his chest and eating his t-shirt (!) and I think they's come into his bedroom in a lift (I'm not entirely sure about that last part, it was a bit garbled). In the end we just brought him through to us, so we had a pretty squashed night last night with all four of us together! It took him a long time to settle afterwards though. I don't think that he slept for a good hour - and kept asking questions, every so often, in a small voice about aliens. It's no use being rational at that time of night, we just kept telling him that he was safe with us. Over breakfast this morning I tried the rational approach, i.e. "You do know that aliens don't exist don't you?" approach. Poor Barnaby.


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