Saturday, September 02, 2006


A typical Saturday really. The day started with all of us in bed together (Barnaby having come in upon waking), me breastfeeding Amelia, Barnaby watching "The Clangers" on DVD on Sheep's laptop (Amelia watching intermittently), Barnaby drinking some milk, Sheep trying to snatch a few more minutes of sleep: one big heaping huddle of Dalton family!

Then, off the the Library for story time, followed by lunch at John Lewis. I'd wanted to try and buy Amelia a different sort of bottle. Since she's never used a bottle before and she is quite able to take water from her Tommee Tippee cup, I suggested at nursery that we didn't try to introduce her to a bottle (at the stage where most parents are trying desperately to wean their babies off the bottle and onto a 'sippy cup'). However, it was soon apparent that the flow rates of the sippy cup were not sufficient for her to take in enough milk, so last week a bought her what is known as a 'bottle-to-cup trainer bottle' with a soft spout. (Barnaby got on very well with these at 12 months). However, she is still not drinking much milk at all - I mean, half a fluid ounce is next to none). So, today I thought that I would get her a proper bottle. Tomme Tippee have started this new range of bottles that are meant to look and feel just like a breast - seriously! See image below. So, I thought that this was worth a try.

When we got it home, I thought that I should try it; my intention was to try her with it a couple of times over the weekend, so that it wasn't such a surprise on Monday. When I first showed it to her, she was fascinated and kept fingering and flicking it with her finger (like she sometimes tries to do with my nipple, although I don't let her as it hurts!) and she certainly got the idea of putting it in her mouth. I must say, I am very impressed with how nipple-like it actually is. But would she actually drink any formula from it. Not on your Nelly! I will try again tomorrow. (Perhaps I should try expressing. The problem is, I don't really like to do it...)

The other thing that I had thought about doing, while we were out at the centre, is get Amelia photographed. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but every year the local paper holds a beautiful baby competion and for the last couple of days, up until tomorrow, they have had professional photographers in Middleton Hall (next to John Lewis) who will take photos of your baby. They are then printed in a special supplement and you get to vote on the most adorable baby. Of course, I can't imagine that any baby could be more adorable than Amelia and so I was going to get her photo taken. However, what with coordinating various regimes of eat/sleep/poo/wee/nappy changes etc. the photos didn't happen. I'm not sure that tomorrow (which is the last day) is really viable either, partially because I am not sure about whether I could cope with another day in the shopping centre!

Oh - I heard tonight, by email, that the Quaker naming non-ceremony is now set for the 22nd October. Much planning to follow.


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