Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Minor Planets

Phew! A quieter day at last. Amelia and I just hung out and did very little, apart from going to the Craft Group at the Quaker Meeting House in the afternoon, where Amelia was truly eclipsed as the youngest member by Claire, who is not quite a month old (and is looking lovely). Here's a thought, the next but one craft group might even be attended by my mother!

I found out today that Amelia and Dalton are minor planets!

Planet: (986) Amelia
Designation: 1922 MQ
Discovery date: October 19, 1922
Discovery site: Barcelona, Spain
Discoverer: Josep Comas i Sola, a Catalan astronomer.

Planet: (12292) Dalton
Designation: 1991 LK2
Discovery date: June 6, 1991
Discovery site: La Silla, Chile
Discoverer: Eric Walter Elst, a Belgian astronomer.

(986) Amelia has her own Wikipedia entry:


And (12292) Dalton is named after John Dalton, British physicist and chemist (and Quaker).


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