Friday, September 08, 2006

In London, Alone and Upset

What a day. I am feeling fragile. I am in London without Amelia. This is the furthest apart we have yet been. On the way in, on the train, it felt as if there was a virtual umbilical cord being stretched more and more thinly, the further away from her I travelled. Since I arrived at UCL, there have been so many different demands on my time and many of them emotionally upsetting (Will I even get lunch today?). I am feeling brittle and almost on the edge of tears. I just rang nursery and everything sounds, sort of alright. They said that Amelia was a bit 'whingey' (their phrase) when she went down to sleep - how much crying is that in reality? and that she'd not been crying, much. Much? That means some, doesn't it? So, she's been crying too. She also cried when I left her today. I feel awful.


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