Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Forgot to Mention...

At lunch time, I hurried across the road to the nearest sandwich bar, to grab some food. While I was waiting for them to make coffee, I looked at my watch and realised that this time yesterday, I had just met Sheep and Amelia coming back from nursery. As I thought of Amelia I suddenly felt a familiar, 'let down' sensation in my breast, and inwardly groaned, 'oh no!'. As I surreptitiously looked down at myself, I could see a circle of wetness, about the size of a fifty pence piece, materialising. Aaah! (I used to wear absorbant breast pads, but it's been so long since I 'leaked' that I just haven't bothered for months.) Luckily, I had been wearing my handbag (with a long and fairly wide strap) slung over my head and shoulder so that it crossed my chest diagonally. I deftly adjusted the strap so that it covered the growing wet patch and hoped that no one around me had noticed. Then, as nonchalantly as possible, I asked the sandwich bar owner if he could throw a few extra serviettes into the bag, joking with him that I was a messy eater! As soon as I got into my office building, I stepped into the lift, fortunately on my own, and so managed to stuff a couple of serviettes down my bra, one on each side (I am so glad the bar owner didn't realise what I actually wanted them for!). As I stepped out onto my floor, I ensured that my handbag strap was still providing suitable camouflage and hurried to my office. I then reckoned that I had about 90 minutes before I had to be present at an end-of-session meeting with our completing students and basically prayed that that would be sufficient time for the wet patch to dry off. The trials and tribulations of returning back to work, eh?


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