Thursday, September 14, 2006

Frantic Day, Mellow Evening

Today was a little fraught. Amelia was a little hot this morning (we gave her her last dose of Calpol at midnight, which meant that she could not have another dose before 6:00am); we decided not to dose her up, and ask nursery if they would accept her. To our surprise they were happy to have her, even with a slightly elevated temperature. I hot-footed it off to London and to my 10:30 meeting which I made by the skin of my teeth. Mid-morning, nursery called Sheep to say that Amelia had a temperature of 102 C (about 39 F) and could he give them permission to give her Calpol, which he did. My meeting ended at 12:30 and I raced home as fast as I could and was actually home before Sheep arrived home with Amelia, having picked her up at 1:30. (As I walked towards the house, I espied Sheep and Amelia in the distance and actually walked up the road to meet them). She had had an OK sort of day, despite her elevated temperature, she had played (with plastic 'food' toys), eaten a reasonable lunch (cauliflower and brocolli in a cheese sauce) and slept for over an hour (an hour and 15 minutes). Their professional opinion was that perhaps she is teething rather than suffering from an infection. Who knows? However, they are happy to accept her in the same state tomorrow. Both Sheep and I did feel awful, though, leaving her when she was less than 100%

ruth had to rush up to bed. Entrty to be updated tommorow.


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