Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Feverish Amelia

I didn't blog last night and almost missed blogging tonight as Amelia has been ill. This is, of course, not exactly unexpected, now that she has started nursery and is collecting bugs. When Barnaby first started (he was doing Thursdays and Fridays) he was ill almost every weekend from the beginning of September, when he started, until Christmas. She started to feel hot in the evening and didn't eat much dinner. Then she was sick, her temperature was about 37 degrees C (98.6F) and we did the usual dosing with Calpol. Today she's just been lethargic and rather tearful if I've put her down. She's slept a lot, mostly in my arms, which I let her do as I felt that it was good for her to get some sleep. She's not really been eating, but has been breastfeeding alot. Porr girl. However, in the midst of all of it, she has still managed to flash me the odd, beaming smile. What a girl! This evening her temperature was 78.7C (101.7F) so more Calpol this evening. I don't know if she'll be well enough to go to nursery tomorrow. I have a course tutors' meeting that couldn't be scheduled on Friday, when I am meant to be in. I initially threatened to bring Amelia with me, but nursery offered to let her come in for the morning as an emergency day (the baby room are quite flexible this week; a couple of babies have chicken pox so their numbers are down). However, if she is not well, she clearly can't go to nursery nor will she be well enough to come down to London with me. Sheep has said that he'll look after her, so that I can go to the meeting, but I don't know. It's too much of a baptism by fire: I am only just getting my head (heart?) around the idea of leaving her at all, let alone if she is ill!!!! What to do? Wait until the morning, obviously.

And Barnaby? He loved his swimming lesson (and didn't poo in the water having been sternly warned by anyone and everyone). Barnaby can be quite timid in new situations, but wasn't about this. At the beginning they all had to jump into the shallow end, shouting out their name as they did so. Apparently, he was a complete star - yelling out his name and jumping in, trying to make the biggest splash. He'll be going every Tuesday morning from now on.

There was a downside to his behaviour yesterday, though. An 'incident'. I am almost too embarassed to record this. He, inexplicably (and he's been asked why), cornered another child in the playhouse and started pushing him against the wall repeatedly, but with such force that eventually the whole wendy/playhouse toppled over. The worst of it was that this didn't stop Barnaby, he kept on pummelling the other child, but now he's on top of him, due to the house having tipped onto its side (and it is quite a sturdy house!). Eventually Barnaby had to be dragged off him (how unbelievable is that?). The other child was put on 'concussion watch' for the afternoon, but, luckily it seems that there was no permanent damage. The nursery staff just couldn't believe that Barnaby had managed to push over the house and have remarked that he seems not to know his own strength. Still, we hardly know what to make of it. When questioned, Barnaby has said that the other child bit his nose or stratched his face first (there is no sign of this) and this is disputed by a third party, a little girl, who was watching the whole event and said that there was no provocation. Oh dear. What are we, as parents, meant to do in this situation?

The lights have just flickered and there are rumblings of thunder; I'd best get to bed and check on Amelia too.


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