Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Eight Month Old Amelia

Amelia was eight months old yesterday. How fabulous is that! Sadly, I've not been blogging recently - I've been working on a paper over the weekend (to bed at 2:00am Saturday and 1:00am on Sunday) and I did get it finished. But things are crazy this week with the term starting, I have deadlines coming out of my ears. It does feel like a baptism of fire at the moment. I thought that by going back part time, I would be easing myself back into work, but not at all!

Amelia had a fairly good day at nursery yesterday (but only had 2 fl oz of milk). But, I was about to take her and Barnaby home in the car, and the look on my face, as I went to open the car door, must have been quite comical. I'd forgotten Amelia's car seat. Luckily, Sheep had realised that before I did and unbeknnown to me was already more than half way to nursery, on his bike, with her car seat flung over his shoulder. What a hero!


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