Friday, September 01, 2006

Amelia's First Day at Nursery

So this was it. Her official start. And I can actually report that contrary to all my anxieties, it seems as if she had a good day today. I telephoned the nursery shortly after I had posted to the blog earlier today, to be told that she had eaten a good lunch and had slept for half an hour. I almost wept down the phone! Apparently they placed my stinky pyjama top in the cot and she cuddled into it and slept almost immediately, without crying (she was very tired having been too excited and stimulated to have her usual 9:30 mini-nap). I think she ate squash for lunch. But she also had a second sleep in the afternoon and it was an exact replay of before, out came my pyjamas and Amelia cuddled up to them and slept. So, in total, she had two half hour naps. She ate a good tea (at 3:30) which included 17 spoonfuls of banana! "She likes her banana, doesn't she?" They reported (and I am inclined to believe them) that she had had no tears all day. In fact, at one point, they said that she had been sitting with another baby (called Josie who is about 10 months old), looking at books together and gabbering to each other! But was she pleased to see me? In fact, I don't know who was more pleased to see the other, me or her. I had such a lovely long cuddle with her when I first saw her. In fact, as soon as I arrived, she wanted to breastfeed, and I thought, why not - afterall it's about the closest, most comforting thing imagineable, so I sat and nursed her for about 20 minutes, while they filled me in on her day. In the end, I had to prise her off, as I needed to collect Barnaby from next door. (She hadn't really drank much formula during the day, only about 1/2 a fluid ounce; maybe I'll try buying another type of bottle over the weekend). The reason I think that I believe that she had a good day though, is that once I got her home and she was sitting in her highchair in the kitchen, she sat there, really excited, babbling away as if trying to tell me all about her day: that's certainly how it seemed to me.

Having written all of that, I feel a bit tearful again. Isn't this silly? I feel tearful if things don't go well and tearful if they do.


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