Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Amelia's Ears

I'm a little worried about her ears. I am sitting here, finishing a cup of tea, while Amelia is having a whale of a time pulling all of the newspapers out of the magazine rack/basket. She is clearly enjoying herself hugely. My role is to ensure that she doesn't start consuming them!

Anyway, I just rang the doctor's practice about her ears. They've been 'gooey' for a few days now, since before Bremen. I assumed that the cold she had last week had migrated to her ears and that this minor ear infection would clear of its own accord. But it's now a week later and her ears are still gooey and seeping. Not good! But she doesn't seem too distressed, other than perhaps off her food a little. I spoke to the surgery and they were being very grave over the phone, even offering me an emergency appointment for her today. But, given that she's been like this for about a week, I don't think another day will make a huge difference. I have to call up at 8:30 in the morning to make an appointment for her tomorrow.

The only thing is, even if it is an ear infection, what can they do? It will either be viral or bacterial and I am not keen on her been given antibiotics because of the recent research that came out suggesting a link between childhood asthma and the administration of antibiotics to babies under 12 months of age (the advice was only to give antibiotics to under 12 month-old babies if absolutely necessary). This is according to Dr. Carlo A. Marra and colleagues at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. The paper reference is below.

Fawziah Marra, Larry Lynd, Megan Coombes, Kathryn Richardson, Michael Legal, J. Mark FitzGerald, and Carlo A. Marra
Does Antibiotic Exposure During Infancy Lead to Development of Asthma?: A Systematic Review and Metaanalysis
Chest, Mar 2006; 129: 610 - 618.

I might take a look at the original paper - it's available through the UCL library.

So, why will I take her? To reassure myself it's not too serious, I suppose... I don't think it is.

Incidentally, for the record, Amelia has had no antibiotics yet. I would like to ensure that she gets to 12 months without taking any.


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