Friday, September 15, 2006

Amelia Still Sick

Amelia has just produced the most copius amount of vomit imaginable. And, I am completely out of clean sheets for her (or even single sheets I could have folded up double) - the piles of laundry in our house are ever mounting, what with Amelia's three days of vomiting, Barnaby's bed-wetting and ever present pooed-in-pants... let alone the ever-full nappy bucket and as for our laundry, will that ever be a priority?

Note to self, stop giving Amelia fromage frais until she has completely shaken off this bug. I've just had to wash down her cot with Dettol and it was mostly, barely-digested fromage frais (it even smelt of strawberries).

However, I do think that she has an OK time at nursery today and her temperature is only slightly elevated, not even enough to be called feverish. A bit 'radiant' perhaps? I've had a really hectic day in London (I have so much to do: complete a paper by Monday, re-plan the course curriculum, prepare for Bremen next weekend, read and second-read masters theses.... aarrghhhhhh). However, today was incomparably better than last Friday and I am less set on quitting than I was a week ago. Although I do feel a bit like crawling under a big stone/into a dark hole and hiding out there for a while.


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