Friday, September 22, 2006

Amelia is Crawling

I think I can safely declare that she is crawling. On Wednesday afternoon at the NCT coffee group, she managed a full crawl (one movement forward, of all four limbs, in the correct sequence)! And there were witnesses. Yesterday, around breakfast time, Sheep and Barnaby saw her take three crawl-moves and this was corroborated by nursery today! So, I think that I can officially declare her crawling. Of course, after a strenuous three-moves she then tends to collapse onto her tummy. However, give her a couple of weeks and I think that there will be no stopping her!

This week has been manic: I have finally finished the corrections to my paper, almost sorted out the teaching for next year (and suffered a commensurate lack of sleep in order to acheive this), and am preparing to leave for Bremen tomorrow , which I am dreading.

I am full of dread tonight. I don't want to go. I don't want to have to take Amelia on to a flight and give her such a distruptive day. Equally, I don't want to leave Barnaby behind on his own (well, with Leif). I told Barnaby today what was happening and he said that he didn't want us to go as he would miss us. (I also bought him a tool box and builder's hard hat today which I have wrapped up so that Leif can give it to him at some suitable moment when we've gone). Still, I don't want to go.


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