Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Visit of Caroline

Caroline, our friend and Barnaby's godmother came to visit today. She arrived in time for lunch. As a gift, she brought Amelia a lovely couple of books, The Complete Illustrated Stories of The Brothers Grimm and The Complete Illustrated Stories of Hans Christian Andersen. They are two very big and heavy books for such a little girl! Caroline went on to say that, as a younger sibling herself, she vividly recalled how her older brother seemed to have all the best books and wouldn't let her read them. Therefore, she wished Amelia to have some copies for herself. As a pair of younger siblings ourselves (both Sheep and I, that is), we both have memories of feeling hard-done by with respect to items being passed down, or not, as the case may be (one of my lingering niggles involved a dolls house). Both of us are already striving hard to ensure a certain princple of fairness, a parity of treatment between the two of them. We both value justice and fairness most highly as well, so I think this contributes to our desire that Amelia should not suffer from younger-siblingitis. The books are lovely; I shall enjoy reading them to her followed by her enjoyment of reading them to herself, no doubt.

Caroline also performed another valuable service when she arrived. I collected Amelia's passport photographs from Jessops (they now have a system whereby you can upload a photo online and they print your digital photos for you on very high quality paper and then can either send them to you (for an extra charge and more time) or you collect them in person from your nearest Jessop's shop). So, I collected the photos and when Caroline arrived, she agreed to act as Amelia's countersignatory: confirming that Amelia and I are who we say we are. Of course, what is most cool about this, is that on the form, Caroline gives her place of work as "HM Treasury" and address as "1 Horse Guards Road". You can't get better credentials than that, can you? I should get her form posted off by the end of the week now.


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