Monday, August 28, 2006

Stony Stratford Fayre

It was Bank Holiday Monday today and we decided to take Barnaby and Amelia to the annual fair at Stony Stratford, about 3 miles away. We went last year and Barnaby had really enjoyed himself. Obviously this was Amelia's first visit.

Here we go Milly-moo,
Here we go Milly-may,
Here we go Milly-moo,
All on a bank holiday...
to the tune of Looby-Loo.

We set off for the fair after lunch. Today, I actually had some time, thanks to Sheep, to prepare lunch and I finally got around to cooking Amelia something fresh (apart from the fresh avocados and bananas that she's been eating, that is). I cooked her some organic lentil, shallot, carrot and yellow pepper mush. Well, I must say, she is really a discerning baby. She wolfed it up! She definitately far preferred yummy-mummy cooking to the bottled stuff I've been giving her. Hmmm. Of course, on the one hand I'm pleased and flattered, on the other I now feel more pressured to lovingly cook her home-made, gourmet meals from now on.

The fair was interesting. Last year Barnaby quite enjoyed the Punch and Judy and the merry-go-round. This year he was frightened by the puppetry (quite right too, it's unbelievably violent), and was bored on the carousel. He did try the bouncy-castle but was too scared by the older children. So what do you do when you're too old for the merry-go-round yet too young for bouncy castles: an enigma that has plagued mankind for decades. Amelia just looked around wide-eyed at everything.

Amelia is crying now (it's 11:00), Sheep has just gone upstairs to comfort her, but looks like I'm needed.


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