Friday, August 18, 2006

Seven Month Old Amelia!

Amelia is seven months old today. So, what can she do? Here is our Amelia-audit: according to the book, "What to Expect: the First Year", these are the seven-month developmental goals.

By the end of this [the seventh] month, your baby... should be able to:
* feed self a cracker - Amelia can attempt to feed herself a rusk but it usually gets dropped on the floor before it is entirely consumed. I am interpreting that as fulfilling this goal.

...will probably be able to:
* bear some weight on legs when held upright - Yes. I tried this earlier today. More on this skill further down!
* sit without support - Easily. She has been doing this for a while now and rarely topples over, although occasionally she still does.
* object if you try to take a toy away - Oooooh yes, very much so. She is very good at expressing outrage and indignation.
* work to get a toy out of reach - Yes. Usually be crawling backwards.
* pass a cube or other object from one hand to the other - I haven't tried this yes. I will experiment when she wakes up (she is sleeping as I type).
* look for a dropped object - She frequently demonstrates this behaviour when sitting in her high chair.
* take a raisin and pick it up in fist - No problem, see below.
* turn in the direction of a voice - I think so.
* babble, combining vowels and consonants such as ga-ga-ga-ga - She does this frequently and constantly. She will also have 'conversations' with you, demonstrating turn-taking.
* play peek-a-boo - Now, what does this mean? That she covers her own eyes up and then peeks out from behind them, or that she responds when you do the same? Certainly she does the latter.

...may possibly be able to:
* standing holding on to someone or something - Ah, well. I thought I would try this out today! Amelia has a wooden cube toy, with different puzzles and things on each face. I tried standing her in front of it, and placed her hands onto the wires (for the wire-bead-toy part of it) on top. Then I took away my own support. For about 30 seconds she stood up, by herself, holding onto her cube toy! I was impressed.

...may even be able to:
* pull up to standing position from sitting - No. I don't think so.
* get into a sitting position from stomach - No. She can do it the other way around though!
* clap hands or wave bye-bye - I tried a bit of clapping with and waving to her today. No response from Amelia other than a look of rather condescending bemusement.
* pick up tiny object with any part of thumb and finger - Yes. I believe she can do this. I have seen her try, and suceed, to pick things up with her thumb and forefinger.
* walk holding onto furniture - No. not even close.
*say mama or dada indiscriminately - Only by accident, not, I am sure, by design.

Apparently, the age of crawling is so variable that it is not considered a developmental stage. I can, however, report that Amelia is crawling. Albeit, backwards. She can cover about two metres backwards, in a shuffling, pushing and occassionally, rolling manner. (She is a very good roller.) She has yet to work out any method of forward-propulsion. I seem to recall that Barnaby started crawling at about the end of October/beginning of November (and bear in mind that their birthdays are only a week apart). And, when he did start crawling, he immediately started crawling up the stairs! I am already eyeing up our stairgates (which have both been, temporarily, taken down at the moment), thinking that we'll have to put them back before long.

In honour of Amelia achieving seven months, I decided to try her out with a stage two (lumpier) jar of baby food for lunch. It was noodles in an organic cheese and leek sauce and I must say, it smelt very nice indeed, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it. I think that Amelia wasn't too sure what to do with the lumpy bits and more than a few came out again. She'll get the hang of it soon, though, I am sure. Also, I intend to start giving her breakfast now, so she'll be up to three full meals a day.

Finally, I just noticed Amelia's first mole today. It's halfway down her torso, on her right side, so about three inches below her armpit. Funnily enough, this is very close to where Barnaby's first (and I think, still his only) mole was/is. His mole is proportionally about as far down the trunk of his body, as hers is, and his is also on his right side, but his is slightly closer to his tummy; Amelia's is exactly on her side.


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