Sunday, August 06, 2006

R.I.P. Bertie the Hamster

Well, I am sorry to say that Bertie did not survive the night and died at the veterinary hospital. We received the news by phone at 9:30 this morning. Sheep and I have been a little sad; Barnaby is quite indifferent. He rather enjoyed his jaunt to the hospital last night, and today hasn't even asked where Bertie is or when/why he is coming back home. Well, as Barnaby and Amelia's first ersatz-pet, I must say that he didn't last long: less than a fortnight, to be precise. It was an interesting experiment; I must say that Bertie served us a useful turn in our musings about whether Barnaby is ready for a pet yet. Our conclusion is that we will wait a while yet. And even then, perhaps start with a couple of goldfish!

Sheep and I were both exhausted today. We were disinfecting Bertie's cage/belongings until after 1:00am. Yawn. I've felt pretty crap all day.

Barnaby's earache has still been around and we ran out of Calpol this morning and needed to replenish our stocks after meeting. I am amazed that we even made to meeting, given how exhausted we all were this morning. But, still we made it.

In meeting, about 5 minutes before the time that the children usually leave, Barnaby suddenly announces, in a quite distinct theatrical whisper, "I need a poo!". I scooped him up and marched briskly to the door and once outside broke into a mad dash for the loo. We made it! The meeting house now owns a 'meeting house potty', which was a life-saver (no fumbling around in bags for our travel potty). Apparently there were a fair few smiles around the room upon our exit.

After meeting, since we needed to stock up on Calpol anyway, we decided to treat ourselves to a trip to Wagamama's at the Centre. Unfortunately, we arrived there half an hour later than our usual lunch time (we must have dawdled considerably after meeting) and so Amelia was really quite hungry when we got there. Amelia did eat some lunch, but was really too hungry to eat properly. Oh dear. Sorry! Eventually, I left the restaurant early, leaving Sheep to finish and pay the bill, as Amelia was beginning to cry with tiredness. I did think, as I was wolfing down my lunch, scarely tasting it, that I couldn't recall the last time that I truly savoured a meal. Oh, the joy of parenthood. I wonder if this is the same for all parents?

Later, we purchased more Calpol and dosed up Barnaby. Amelia, who was also out of sorts last night (waking up and not settling back to sleep until 11:50), seems better today. We did give her half a dose of Calpol last night, just in case she had Barnby's earache, but we seen no evidence to suggest that she needed any today.

Tonight, when I was giving Amelia her evening feed, I nodded off myself. And slept until about 9:30. I just got up to write this blog, have a cup of tea and I'll be back to bed soon.


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