Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Car & Nursery Fun Day

Today has been a day of two halves. This morning was all about buying a new car. Yes! We have bought a new car. Claire and Julian kindly drove us to Newport Pagnall to have a look at it and we decided to buy it. Just like that. It is a Toyota Prius (hybrid electric and petrol engine) so it is still environmentally friendly (although Sheep is concerned that it is that start of a slippery slope towards us being less sustainable). Here is a photo of our new car. I'll probably pick it up next Friday.

Julian and I took it for a test run while Claire and Sheep looked after Barnaby and Amelia. The car showroom has a special area for children which contained toy cars to pedal around etc. And what did Barnaby get interested in? The drink dispenser! When we went back into the showroom, I had multiple cups of water pressed upon me, "Here's a drink for you, Mummy".

After fully examining the car, it was rapidly getting to Amelia's lunch time (11:30), so we drifted into Newport Pagnall itself and wandered down the high street looking for somewhere where we could give Amelia her lunch. We chanced upon a coffee shop at the rear of the Methodist Church, off the High Street, and settled down to give Amelia her lunch, which I had carefully packed up, before leaving home. It was at this point, I realised that I had forgotten to bring her food-bag with me from the car! Since the car whad been left at the car dealership, it would have taken me a not inconsiderable amount of time to make the journey there and back again. So instead I dashed into Boots the chemist, which was almost next door, and bought a jar of baby food, some baby-feeding-spoons, water and drinking cup (well, it's always useful to have a few more!) and rushed back into the cafe. I did, however, feel somewhat guilty that in all the excitement of our new car, I had forgotten Amelia's lunch! How awful is that? I did feel bad. Actually, Newport Pagnall is quite nice. I feel it is much maligned and ignored as most people just associate it with the motorway service station.

After Amelia's lunch, we came home again. Today was also Barnaby's Fun Day at the nursery. The day for which I was attempting to make Barnaby's now imfamous fish costume. As it happened, Barnaby declined to even wear his 'sea monster' costume. Perhaps it's just as well that I didn't finish his fish costume as I would have been devastated to have finished it only to have Barnaby refuse, point blank, to wear it. The fun day was, well, fun! Barnaby eventually overcame his initial trepidaton about the bouncy castle and ended up bouncing for about 45 minmutes without a break, while Sheep and I chatted to other parents. We didn't win any raffle prizes, but there was a 'guess how many plastic sea-animals are in the jar' competition, which I entered on Barnaby's behalf on my way to seeking for tea. And, guess what? We/he won! So he came home proudly holding a jar full of plastic sea animals (22 of them to be precise), ranging from octopusses, minky whales, dolphins, jelly-fishes, sharks, lobsters, sea otters, seals to walruses etc... ). There were also lots of cakes for sale, books (I purchased a lot!) and videos (I bought two Thomas the Tank Engine videos for Barnaby at 10p a piece). Barnaby also had his face painted as a tiger. All in all, a very fun afternoon for Barnaby. And what did Amelia do during all of this? Well, she slept in her pram for the first hour and then sat around in our arms looking photogenic and smiling widely at everyone. I think she had a fairly good time as well. She was avidly looking around at everything and drinking in all the action.

However, we did pay the price for Barnaby's bouncy-castle antics later. He fell soundly asleep in the bicycle trailer on the way home. We let him sleep while we gave Amelia her tea. Then woke him up to take him upstairs. Unfortunately, even though we tried to get him upstairs without waking him (a bit difficult, as we needed to remove his tiger-face-paint otherwise his pillowcase and sheets would have been orange!), our efforts were without success. He woke up and didn't get off to sleep until about 9:45. So, not much of an evening for Sheep and I. And so ends our eventful Saturday.


At 8:40 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

Newport Pagnell is also often associated with Aston Martins as well!

At 8:46 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

Newport Pagnell is also often associated with Aston Martins as well!


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