Sunday, August 20, 2006

Long, Tiring Sunday

Nanny (my mother) arrived before breakfast (7:45) and so we all sat down to breakfast together, which was nice. Equally, we all went to meeting together, which was just as well, as we were able to all fit into Nanny's car (since we do not have a car at the moment). After meeting, when we had all gone back in for notices, an Elder was demonstrating the meeting house's new sound system by playing a couple of pieces of music (by Korsakov and a piece by Charles Villiers Stanford). To give Amelia a break from sitting in my arms, I placed her sitting on the floor in front of me. Then Barnaby decided he wanted to join her and sat next to her, crosslegged. For a while they presented a picture of perfect sibling harmony, sitting side by side, appearing to be listening intently to the music. I swelled with maternal pride. That was until Barnaby took it into his head to attempt to drag Amelia around the meeting room by her arm (prevented only by my extremely swift intervention) accompanied by barely stiffled laughs from across the room.

After lunch, Nanny and I took Barnaby and Amelia 'fishing'. Sheep and I had sucumbed to pester-power yesterday and had bought Barnaby a fishing net in Newport Pagnell (99p!). So we decided to try it out. (Incidentally, we left Sheep fast asleep, on the floor of Barnaby's play room). Since the recent rains the water in the stream was running extremely fast, so there was really little chance of actually catching any fish. But Barnaby was more than happy just to don his wellies and wave the net about in the water. (Amelia slept in her pram). I have some lovely photos of Barnaby and Nanny doing just this. Such rural idyll was again broken by Barnaby suddenly clutching his bottom and announcing that he'd done a poo. We decided to walk home as quickly as we could, Nanny holding the fishing net and Barnaby grabbing his rear, walking in a peculiarly bow-legged, cowboy-gait. Nanny and I tried not to laugh, but it was hilarious.

I'll upload the photos tomorrow!


At 8:46 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

I guess that walking home in a Cowboy Gate will soon make BArnaby realise that it is better to use a potty! Looking forward to the photographs.


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