Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Long Day. I'm So Tired

I was, and hence so was Amelia, in London today. I had four student tutorials and a brief meeting with a colleague. Amelia sat in my office and played, tried to crawl, nursed, tried to grab paper and pens and almost destroyed someone's bound thesis (it was a bad draft, so perhaps it doesn't matter). I hope Amelia didn't have too hard a time in London today. It wasn't very interesting for her, I'm sure. However, I've also not eaten today as I've been feeling nauseous all day (I had an omlette last night: perhaps it was that). And, this evening I went out to my book group and sat, shivering, watching everyone else drink wine and eat crisps. Well, I'm off to bed. I feel awful.


At 9:20 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

HOpe you feel better today!

Love Dad


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