Friday, August 11, 2006

Hectic Day

Today has been rather frantic, as I was in London today - having meetings, conducting tutorials, attending seminars, reading papers, sorting out admin etc etc. All with Amelia in tow! By the time I came back, I couldn't face sitting in front of the computer (well, I am now, but it is midnight), so I baked a cake for a garden party we are all attending tomorrow.

I think Amelia had an ok time in London and she was really quite good during the seminar. After about an hour, she started to get a bit 'vocal' in a complaining sort of tone (I think she was a bit tired), but by then it was time for me to leave to catch the train anyway.

Combining babies and work? I am not entirely convinced that it is a good idea other than for a occasional, one-off trip. So much for Liedloff's 'Continuum Concept'. I wonder if she ever truly put this into practice?


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