Saturday, August 05, 2006

Good Day, Utterly Awful Evening

I can not trust myself to write about this evening, it was truly awful beyond words. Let's just say that it encompassed near-demise of hamster, howling hunger of Amelia, hand-washing refusal tantrums, emergency visit to veterinary hospital, horribly disrupted routines, non-sleeping children, earache, calpol... Put it another way: it is midnight, Amelia went to sleep only ten minutes ago and Barnaby at 9:30. And I still have a hamster cage to fully disinfect. At midnight. Urrrggh.

Anyway - enough of that. Why dwell on the nightmare that constituted this evening? We had a nice day at Gambado's: the soft play area. Here are some photos.

Barnaby and Amelia in balls together, and yes, Amelia is holding up a ball for the camera!
Barnaby on the medium-sized slide with no assistance!

Amelia sleeping completely horizontally in her new pram - what a joy.

These last two photos are from Nanny's visit, last weekend.

Doesn't she look lovely? Get a load of that quiff, though.


At 5:42 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

Nanny or Amelia's Quiff?

At 8:48 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

Well, I had meant Amelia's quiff, but now you come to mention it...


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