Friday, August 25, 2006

Catch Up

I've not blogged for a while. Partly things have been busy. Extremely busy. And I've been rather miserable because of Amelia's visits to nursery.

Tuesday Tuesday consisted mostly of more house-hunting with Nanny; Aunty Claire (my sister) came and joined in the fun as well. We went off to Hanslope, a village almost half-way between Milton Keynes and Northampton and saw four houses there, all in the centre of the village and all 'character cottages'. My mother decided that she really liked one of them, one she and I had seen together the previous day, so it was our second visit. After we'd viewed all of the houses and had a walk around the village pushing Amelia in her pushchair, we decided to go home. However, I vascillated about whether I should give Amelia a feed or not. Nanny suggested that I fed her in the car, which was parked next to the church and I replied that if I was going to stop and feed her, we might as well sit in the sunshine on a bench in the churchyard and enjoy the view of the magnificent church. Having fed Amelia, I decided to peer through the church doors (architecturally, it is rather splendid, see when I was spotted... As it happens, there was a family 'activity day' taking place in the church: a sort of 'mother and toddler group' but with a few older children thrown into the mix. Because I had Amelia in my arms, whilst peering through the glass doors, I was mistaken as a prospective participant. When confronted, I confessed that I wasn't really there for the group, that I was just a nosy architect, and that we were visiting because my mother was thinking of moving to the village. At which point we were all invited in and plied with tea and cake! It turned out that the eagle-eyed lady was a parish councellor and, between quick dashes after one child or another, she filled us in on village life. The long and short of this tale was that not only was the tea and cake most welcome but that my mother put in an offer on one of the houses (the one we'd seen the day before) the very next day.

Wednesday My mother left for home on Wednesday morning, and, as I mentioned put an offer on one of the houses. It really is a lovely house. However, Wednesday, for me, was all about Amelia's second nursery visit. The idea was that we went over lunch time, from 11:00-2:00 so that she could have lunch with the other babies and sleep there. What can I say? All my worst fears were fulfilled. It was horrible. Amelia didn't eat and didn't sleep. She fushed, she whimpered, she moaned, she howled. Almost all of the time I was there with her, only making the occassional trip into Barnaby's room to see him, or pacing up and down outside the nursery for a bit. Not a good day at all.

Thursday Thursday was a bit better. In the morning, Sheep and I walked up to the centre, where, amongst other things, I bought some feeding bottles for nursery to use for Amelia's formula (the arrangement that they have is that you tell them what brand of formula you use and what bottle and they will then purchase the exact same that you use at home and keep it there for her exclusive use. Since we had none at home, I was looking to see what I could buy for home use and tell them to buy but in the end it seemed simpler for me to buy one for nursery as well, since I was buying one for home anyway...) and I bought a couple of pacifiers in case she would submit to using one when trying to sleep at nursery. I doubt it, but anything was surely better than the crying she did on Wednesday.

Friday Today was Amelia's third visit (they usually recommend five in total). It was from 2:00-4:30 today. It wasn't really much better. She didn't have much milk from her new bottle (a fraction of 1 fl oz, if that), condescended to eat 8 spoonfuls of carrot and 4 of banana at tea time and eventually had a 25 minute afternoon nap in one of the nursery assistant's arms. She also had two nappy changes, which I didn't do myself, but accompanied her, so that she didn't feel like she was being taken off to a strange place on her own. And guess what? She fidgeted, and howled and behaved as if a nappy change was the worst possible thing in the world. I was almost in tears a couple of times; they took pity on me and gave me a very strong cup of tea - the English answer to everything. I feel quite miserable and even though all of this happened six hours ago now, I still feel on the point of tears. Her next visit is on Tuesday now and she starts a week today.

The other news of the day is that I didn't collect our new car today as I'd told them that I would be available to collect it any time today before realising that that actually wasn't true (because of Amelia's nursery visit). So when I called them first thing this morning, it wasn't ready for me, so I'll just get it tomorrow. Also, the estate agents called my mother to say that another offer has been made on the house in Hanslope and that they are close to completion on their own house, so they are in a position to move much more quickly. So, she's probably lost the really nice one by the chuch. However, as she says, she has now decided upon the village, which, in some respects is the most important thing. And she has got her house on the market, so that if another house comes up that she likes, she will be in a position, hopefully, to move more quickly. I am so delighted about the prospect of her moving down. I think that it will be lovely for us all, but especially for Barnaby and Amelia to have their Nanny close by. I just wish I didn't feel so wretched about Amelia's nursery visits.

I'll mope off to bed now.


At 9:19 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

Agree it would be nice if your Mum was close to you, Claire and her grandchildren.

Love Dad


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