Sunday, August 27, 2006

August Bank Holiday Weekend

Yesterday we went to collect our new car. If our old car was "The Little Red Car", this one is certainly "The Big Blue". Of course, it's not all that big, but it seems enourmous to us! I had intended to go and collect it on my own, but Barnaby really wanted to come along as well, so I relented. We set off after lunch in a taxi and drove off in it at about 2:00. Barnaby often used to complain that his legs were getting squashed by Daddy in the old car, but in this one, there is so much room, they could have a party in the back! At the moment, Amelia is still in her old car seat, which is part of the American Graco travel system, but in the next few weeks, we'll have to upgrade her into a "Stage 1" or "Stage 1/2" car seat. I am looking for an isofix one (our new car has isofix tethers, little hooks buried deep into the seat, that secure a carseat far more firmly than a seatbelt can) and, ideally, one that reclines a little, so that if Amelia falls asleep, we can recline her seat, allowing her to doze more comfortably. The problem is that these are so expensive, so I want to make sure that I am buying the right one.

After we collected the car, we decided to go on a little jaunt, so that I could practice driving, so we went to Hanslope, the village where Nanny is looking to buy a house. We drove around a little and parked the car. Sheep took Barnaby to the village shop and gave him some money to buy a sweet. Barnaby selected something for him and then also bought something for Sheep and me (a curly wurly), saying, that's for you two to share. Arrrgh! What a lovely boy. We had a little wander around Hanslope. Sheep hadn't seen it before, he thought that it was very village-y and picturesque. I then went into Hanslope Wines (and independent wine shop), without Barnaby, I might add, and bought a bottle of Hanslope wine, which I am happily quaffing now.

Today, we went off to meeting, in The Big Blue, and had lunch in central MK. Apart from that it's been a quiet day for us all. Tomorrow is the August Bank Holiday and we're planning to attend the fair in Stony Stratford (Barnaby really enjoyed last year, with the Punch and Judy show).

It's 10:10. Amelia is crying, so I will go upstairs. I might just stay up there as well.


At 12:39 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

Nice to see Barnaby thinking of you and his Dad. I thought it was alittle early yet?

Love Dad

At 11:12 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

You mean that three and a half is too old to display that kind of altruism? I think it is on the early end of normal, but by his age he should be becoming less ego-centric and starting to display the ability to be empathetic: imagining himself in someone else's postion. "If I would like a sweet now, so might Mummy and Daddy..."


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