Friday, July 21, 2006

To the Centre (Air Conditioning)

This morning was a quiet sort of morning, but this afternoon we'd planned to go to the Centre if only to get into some air conditioning! I also wanted to stock up on some ready-cooked baby food. I know it's a bit of a cop out, and I have all this lovely organic veg just waiting to be pureed up, but what with trying to get UCL work done whenever I have a spare minute and, not to mention, running round after Barnaby, the veggies just don't get pureed. So, I decided to stop being so hard on myself today and get some ready-made. I also wanted to get Amelia some new bibs - I'm already fed up with washing her bibs and never seeming to have a clean one to hand. Funnily enough, this had also irked me with Barnaby (how I had conveniently forgotten!) and I had also given up after a week or two of using cloth bibs with him. With him, however, I had made my own bibs out of an old shower curtain (how resourceful was that?), this time, as per the baby food, I went out and bought a couple of wipeable ones, in an attempt to make my life a little easier. (I also bought one of these sunshade parasols that attaches to the pushchair - with this sun, it's a necessity!).

So this evening I settled Amelia into her Bumbo to give her some Hipp Organic lentils and vegetables. "Yum", I thought. And then put a new bib on Amelia in preparation. But no - she didn't appear to want either. In the end I thought, forget the bib and I stripped off both the bib and her t-shirt (given that it's so hot). She was marginally happier that I had ditched the bib, but didn't seem too keen on the lentils and vegetables. More went all over her than in her mouth. Sheep, having taken a good look at her, suggested that I just cart her upstairs in her Bumbo and hose her down Bumbo and all, given that she was already undressed (bar nappy of course), but I didn't. However, did she ever need a bath? There were lentils everywhere... Since starting her on solids, I've actually been giving her a bath almost everynight. It's partially the heat but also the baby rice in her hair, in her ear, under her chin, in her hair again... I'd truly forgotten quite how messy this stage could be.

Barnaby had a Pirates and Princesses party (we asked him if he wanted to go as a princess, but he chose pirate) at nursery today for all of the 'Oaks' who are leaving to go to school in September. He had a great time and was very well behaved (bar a couple of 'acidents'). Tomorrow, Amelia and I are going to a wedding at the Quaker meeting house. Well, sort of. We'll be there for the first 15 minutes - I've been asked to provide toys and help out with the children (11 of them under the age of 7, plus Amelia). So, it should be an interesting but exhausting hour. Sheep and Barnaby are going to visit Aunty Claire and Uncle Julian's field where he's been promised a ride on their tractor. Actually, I think that Sheep and Barnaby have probably got the better deal.


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