Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh No. You've Pooed on Bob!

Today started with Barnaby and Sheep departing to go to the zoo; sheep was accompanying Barnaby on his nursery's annual summer trip to Whipsnade zoo. Then Leif departed, just as Amelia and I also left in order to go to the funeral of the Friend from the Quaker meeting who died recently. One Friend asked if it was Amelia's first funeral, which it was. Actually, as funerals go, it was quite nice. Amelia was quite happy during the burial, at the Green Burial Ground at Olney (biodegradeable coffin, shallow grave with tree to be planted on top), even though I thought it was a little windswept for her. Nice view though and lots of sheep (of the woolly variety) around. I could quite fancy it as a final destination for myself. However, Amelia became more and more disgruntled during the meeting for worship that took place at the meeting house afterwards; I'd changed her nappy just before the meeting and also given her a feed, so I thought she'd be quite content, but no, far from it. After 40 minutes (out of 60) I took her out as she was being too disruptive. When I got her home, I realised she'd soiled her nappy (I'd had a quick peek, but hadn't noticed anything). Silly Mummy!

We had not been back at the house for long when Sheep called to say that he and Barnaby were also on their way back from the zoo. I have to report that Barnaby had a wonderful time and Sheep a pretty dreadful one. Even though Barnaby was there with his 'classmates', he stuck to Sheep like a limpet, wanting to be carried and refusing to go to the toilet when they went en masse (resulting in an 'accident' later, of course). I suspect Sheep wont volunteer to go along as a parent helper again (actually, I effectively volunteered him, so I feel rather bad now).

The other thing I did in the afternoon, between coming back from the funeral and collecting Sheep and Barnaby from nursery was to sucessfully bid on a Combi Dash DX pushchair on ebay. It was brand new, all accessories included, for £67.00 instead of the RRP of £159.99. So, I'm feeling quite pleased and excited about that. About the only nice thing that's happened today; the rest of the day has been a little sad and emotional.

Finally, this evening, just before dinner, Barnaby suddenly annouces that he's done a poo in his pants. Sure enough, he had! Now, in our quest to stop him having so many 'wet accidents' at nursery we'd bought him some new 'Bob the Builder' pants, with the accompanying instructions, "No weeing on Bob!" - Well, we thought it was worth a try. So we were surprised to find that he'd pooed on his new 'Bob' pants, and so we said to him, "Oh poor Bob, you've pooed on him. You've pooed on Bob!" I don't know if it will deter him, but anything's worth a try (we also have a new sticker chart for him).

Finally, today is the official end (or was that yesterday) of my maternity leave. Now I am back three days a week. What a shame. All good things must come to an end though. Effectively I am now working 2.5 days per week, until September, from home.


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