Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nanny Visit over the Weekend

I didn't blog over the weekend, as Nanny (my mother) came to visit. It's been at least six weeks since she was last here and she was amazed at how Amelia had grown.

On Saturday, Barnaby wanted to play an online 'Bob the Builder' game on my laptop. We ended up playing a 'game' that he rather likes, where you have to design a house (in an earlier blog there is a house that he designed for Amelia). This time, he wanted to show me what his 'other house' looked like - the blue one, with five chimneys. Of course, the programme would only let him place one chinmey on to the house, so I told him that I would help him add four more chimneys to it. I opened it in Photoshop in order to duplicate the chimneys and since I was there, asked him if there was anything else he'd like to add to his picture. He told me what he wanted, we searched together on Google for a suitable image (which he selected) and then he helped me collage it in by pointing at where he wanted it to go. So this is what Barnaby's other house looks like, complete with Billy his giraffe and 'Swimming Pond' his cat and a number of Spiderman costumes.


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