Sunday, July 16, 2006

Minutes from Meeting

I am too tired to post properly tonight; suffice to say our meeting about the godparents/naming ceremony (mustn't use the word ceremony!) went well and Barnaby and Amelia we looked after in our absence (we provided a picnic). Here is the /report minute (We are possibly looking at 15th or 22nd October):

Supporting Friends

Further to minute 5 of Preparative Meeting of 7th May 2006, we have met with Ruth and Sheep Dalton as requested to look at the possibility of holding a Meeting for Worship in which Barnaby and Amelia are formally welcomed into Meeting and to witness our ongoing commitment, as individuals and as a Meeting, to their nurture.

Six of Ruth and Sheep's friends are willing to act as 'Supporting Friends' to Barnaby and Amelia.

We envisage a Meeting for Worship for Witness to be held separately after Meeting for Worship one Sunday. This Meeting will be introduced by a member of our PM and may include a reading from Quaker Faith and Practice; it will offer the supporting friends an opportunity to make an explicit statement of their commitment should they wish to do so. Following this, the Meeting would continue in the usual way, with ministry if appropriate.

We hope the Meeting for Worship for Witness may take place during October. Ruth Dalton will investigate possible dates which would be convenient for all parties and report back to us. We intend to meet again in September to finalise arrangements.

MC will circulate this minute to elders for information and will send a copy to the clerk for the next PM.

15th July 2006


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