Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Letter to Nursery about Amelia's Place

Here is the letter I just wrote.

Dear xxxxx,

As we have discussed in person, I would like Amelia to start at the Acorn nursery at the beginning of September (for example, the week beginning the 4th September). However, my preference would be for her to start part time (two days per week) and then to rapidly build up her attendance to a full time place around Christmas time. For example, one such scenario could be:

* Beginning of September until mid October: 2 days per week.
* Mid October until end of November: 3 days per week.
* End of November until Christmas: 4 days per week.
* From the New Year: 5 days per week.

This is clearly just a 'serving suggestion' on my behalf and I am, of course, willing to fit in with and accept whatever you are able to offer me. The above simply states what would best suit me.

In terms of days, I am completely flexible with one exception. I must be available go into London on Mondays, so from the beginning of September I shall require a Monday session for Amelia. (Ideally, I would like to start with a Monday and a Friday place, however it is only the Monday that is vitally important.)

Given that the beginning of September is only seven weeks away, when would you like to begin introducing her into the baby room? I think that it would be good to chat with the baby room staff at some point, about schedules etc. so that I can begin to try and coordinate Amelia's food and nap routine with theirs.

Thank you,
Ruth Conroy Dalton


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